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Method “The nuts and bolts of decorative finish”
An online portfolio enhancement tool brought to you by Jason Lucas of Deshu.and Anthony Pinkston of Ornamentum.
Method offers the decorative artist the opportunity to update their portfolios monthly via high definition instructional videos viewed online. “Methods” are produced monthly and available for individual purchase or as a part of a subscription package. Method is “by artists for artists” and designed to provide instruction and inspiration for the professional decorative finisher.
The creators of Method embrace all product manufactures and believe in using the right product for the project at hand.
Once purchased the artist has 90 day unlimited access to video stream of the finish or “Method” completed on a 4x8 wall providing a more realistic view of how to accomplish the finish in the field.
Complete product lists will be provided in addition to product cross over information., all supported by an online forum with discussions and Q and A on all videos. Method will not only advise the artist of the product we used, but what could be used in its place.
Purchased individually, “Methods start as low as $15. Subscription packages are $35 a month and include unlimited access to 15 “Methods” monthly. New videos rotate in at a minimum of 3 a month. Subscribers also benefit from discounted pricing on archive “Methods”, contributing artist videos and have unlimited access to Methods extensive online resource and design library packed with product information, manufacturer links, new product launches tips and tricks from well respected guest contributers and much more.
For information on the service or the artists, please visit www.methodfinishing.com

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Method Update

First and foremost thank you all for you interest in Method and your patience.
We are very excited to announce that the studio is finally ready for occupancy and Method will be moving in this month. One step closer to launch!
After months of collecting your suggestions and weighing the pros and cons of many different delivery methods, Jason and I have decided to go Video. This format will not only allow us to give a live visual demonstration of each finish, but will allow us the opportunity to talk through the process and interject our experiences and tips without time restraint. In short, we can pass along much more information this way.
Subscribers to Method “The nuts and bolts of decorative finishing” will have unlimited access to streaming video of each months five finish Methods. At end of each month the videos will be moved to the Method archive and will become available for individual purchase by non subscription members . Subscribers will automatically have unlimited access to all Method videos produced after the date of subscription. Archived Methods form prior to the subscriber’s subscription date will be available to them at discounted price. Once a Method is purchased either through subscription or individual purchase, it will be available for unlimited viewing.
Our Methods will be produced using the full spectrum of product available. Not only will we give you the recipe and products we used for each finish, we will give you a list of the comparable products from other lines that could be used in their place. Our resource center will be complete with product information and specs and will include a product crossover diagram. Method will diligently seek out new lines and due the leg work for you.
As with any new business we are constantly tweaking our vision and working to create a system that delivers the most value to you our subscriber. We are still working on the pricing structure for both the subscription and the individual purchases and we are developing a plan to offer a high resolution picture of each method packaged in fashion designed to serve as a portfolio ready sales tool. Also on the table is a plan to offer our subscribers the opportunity to produce and sell pay per view videos of their own finishes.
Please continue to be patient with us as we develop this new approach to instruction and portfolio enhancement. Our projected launch date is 06/01/09. We may change a little here or there and we definitely have much more to reveal, but our intent and mission remains the same. To deliver a broader educational and inspirational form of instruction not tied to one product line, but promoting all the qualities lines available to the decorative artists.
Thank you
Anthony and Jason

Saturday, November 15, 2008

More Method

What we our planning is a full on line resource center complete with product information and tips on all lines. The samples we create monthly will come to you in a hard copy portfolio ready format that can be used to sell from and will coincide with a video demonstration located on the site. The samples will be from all aspects of decorative finishing and will vary monthly. We plan to do the research on new lines coming out and all the present offerings. This will allow us to give our subscribers a broader understanding of what is available and how the many lines vary in their strengths. All samples will come, not only with info on what we used, but what comparative product could be used . The resource center will have many useful tools including a glossary of terms, project calculator and estimate program, inspirational material and design library and crossover reference tool for the many lines of professional decorative products.We are still working on much of this content but wanted to launch the idea and see if we could create a buzz. We have some very high profile projects coming up that will stretch our creativity to its limits and will be the very samples we pass on to the subscriber. We will launch the site with a sample archive of methods being available for purchase on a piece by piece basis. In addition to the methods subscribers receive automatically, they will be entitled to archived methods at a discounted price.Our goal is to pass along our experiences and ideas without being bound to and influenced by a product we are selling. In short we want put integrity into instruction and deliver it with proper support and in an affordable fashion. At the $35 a month price point, we will deliver 60 different samples with in one year at the cost of $420. Compared to the cost of one in studio class, we hope people will feel as we do, that this a great deal. We still encourage in studio training, as the hands on experience you receive is of vital importance to a successful career, but see this as an affordable way to constantly update you portfolio with fresh looks.We will be launching more info in the coming weeks and would love your input on aspects or features you would find useful.
Thanks again,
Anthony and Jason


METHOD, a subscription based online resource tool brought to you by Anthony Pinkston of FauxHaus/ Ornamentum and Jason Lucas of Deshu Decorative Surfaces. Subscriptions include five fresh finish methods delivered to you monthly. Subscriptions starting at $35.00 a month. Sign up under our site mailing list for more information.